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  One of the emerging, dominant themes of Pope Francis’ pontificate is the word “encounter.” He uses it repeatedly, urging Catholics to go out to the peripheries, especially to the poor and the marginalized, and encounter other persons. “The Church is called to come out from itself and to go to the peripheries, not just the geographical but also the existential peripheries: those of the mystery of sin, of suffering, of injustice, of ignorance and lack of religion, those of thought and those of every kind of misery.” 

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  In 2016 the Common Venture embraced the third year’s GHR activities realizing that developing a stable functioning of new skills would be part of changing the culture of the way we do things.  Indeed, that has been the case.  By year end, we were able to present a final report to GHR that reviewed the entire three-year project. Read the February, 2017 issue


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 GHR Leadership Development and Management Seminar


 Read the Common Venture newsletter - January 2015 featuring articles on: A Time of Transformation; 2014 GHR Funded Activities; 2014 Cultural Audit and the International Meeting in Rome for TSSF Formation Directors.


The Franciscan Common Venture was awaded a grant for a project entitled Leading with Prophetic Hope: Leader Development and Strategic Planning for Women Religious in Cameroon. Read the article in the December 2013 issue. 

 TSSF graduate students, Sisters Alexine (Mary) Munteh and Marie Therese Diang reflect on their journeys to obtain their doctorate and masters degrees. Read the March 2013 issue.

In this issue we visit Bolivia for a Franciscan retreat!
Enjoy the February 2013 issue!

 In this issue we celebrate the 2012 Renewal Program!
Enjoy the January 2013 issue. In addition, read more Renewal Program reflections.

 In this issue:
  • Sister Joyce Meyer, PVBM, helps with development program education
  • Rauenhorst Grant enables housing project for TSSF Sisters and students

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 In this issue
  • Sister Virgilia's internship
  • WTC graduates
  • General Chapter preparation

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 In this issue
  • CV evaluation, goals, plan and direction
  • Grant updates: Hilton Fund for Sisters and Rauenhorst Foundation
  • Cultural Audit: continued
  • TSSF studying in the U.S.

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 Western Technical College, La Crosse, Wis., hosted a fundraiser for the Friends of Cameroon on June 28, 2010. A Skype connection brought in three Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis. Click on the story headline to read more.

 A team of three from Phoenix, Los Angeles and Meriden, Connecticut, set out April 30, 2010, on a mission. Their destination, Shisong, Cameroon. Their focus: the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis' accounting system. Through the generosity of CYMA Systems, Inc. of Tempe, Arizona, an accounting software company, the Franciscan Common Venture found a way to respond to the Tertiary Sisters' need for an improved method of accounting for their Province, St. Elizabeth Hospital and their new Cardiac Centre. Click on the story headline to read more.

The Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has allocated $125,000 to the Franciscan Common Venture for providing post-secondary education to English-speaking women religious in Cameroon , West Africa Click on the story headline to read more.


Theresa Keller, FSPA, is teaching nursing students in Cameroon. On March 3, 2009, she guest-blogged at the FSPA for Peace and Justice blog.

 Early on, we had been asked to lead a two day retreat before the Chapter of Affairs and a one day retreat before the Chapter of Elections. It was a wonderful way to become familiar with each other’s way of speaking English, the flow of TSSF life among the 31 delegates, two recording secretaries, a wonderful kitchen staff, ourselves, plus time for the delegates to let go of responsibilities they had just left. Then, there were sisters who had that hidden but real concern lurking within about the call to leadership.

Franciscan Sisters from the United States Common Venture congregations were warmly welcomed upon their arrival in Cameroon.  

Significant learnings as a result of our Cameroon experience. How does "you are welcome" translate in Cameroonian?

Significant Learnings:  Reverent Clapping

Water is a precious commodity in Cameroon

Franciscan Common Venture History

Sister Alphonsa Kiven, TSSF provincial, invites United States sisters to visit Cameroon.

Tertiary Sisters travel to the United States to discuss long range goal. 

Sister Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA, aids TSSF's in reworking their guiding principles.


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