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Pharmacy in Njinikom

  Besides caring for the basic health care needs of Cameroonians, the Tertiary Sisters of Cameroon are also saving patients money on medication by opening their own self-supporting pharmacy. The pharmacy, which is now in full operation, also enables the sisters to bag and send plasma to other medical centers they operate.

The idea came from David Sauer, who routinely collaborates with the Common Venture. Sauer works with Catholic hospitals in the United States to distribute used medical equipment throughout the world. He identified the need, and expressed a desire to start a small-scale pharmacy with the sisters in Shisong.

Funds were tight, Sister Xaveria says, but the need was obvious. “We started to build because the medicines are more and more expensive.” She explains that patients have to pay for their own health care, so saving them money on medication--an estimated two-thirds of the cost--would offer significant relief to the poor.
“The important thing is to give (medicine) to the patients at an affordable price,” says Sister Xaveria. 


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