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  The Tertiary Sisters of Cameroon have also invested considerable time and energy into developing orthopedic programs to help children with congenital and physical disabilities. For six years now, they’ve hosted orthopedists from Holland twice a year, who offer a whirlwind of operations for children in Njinikom who desperately need them. In just two weeks, a team of three orthopedists operates 12-hours a day on an average total of 44 patients. An on-site resident brings the total team number to four.
“By the time they come, crippled people are lining up,” says Sister Xaveria, who says word has spread about the life-changing operations these physicians are providing, and 40 to 50 children ask to be admitted every time the doctors are in town.

“When they come they are creeping on the floor, and afterward you see them standing and you would not believe it,” Sister Xaveria says.

Once a child has received an operation for their disability, they are taken to a physical therapy center in Bafut, known as SAJOCAH, the St. Joseph Children and Adult Home.

In Cameroon, crippled children are often hidden at home, and without treatment, they would have little chance of making a living. That’s why the service these physicians are offering is so vital. “You have to be critical and really handicapped because the goal is that you can go back to the city as a normal person so they are also helping them get jobs. Shoe mending, sewing, hair dressing--if they are a woman, because they have been so crippled that they can’t do anything.”

By performing these operations, the doctors are also helping the hospital to build a big operating theater at the hospital, according to Sister Xaveria. The group of doctors from Holland are funding the construction and equipping of the facility. 

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